Info & Stats: New York Jets QB | 2009 Rose Bowl MVP

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Dec 22, 2009:

TOPICS: Lifetime feeling waiting between the NFL Combine and the NFL Draft | Merging “his business” with a “larger business” | Pete Carroll just “testing his medal” | Gut thoughts on where he will end up | Detroit’s first pick choice | Not being too caught up in the process | Speculation regarding the Browns’ interest | More challenging: playing right away or sitting for a year? | Leaders “made” or “are they born”; learning to lead or wired? | Spokesman for Sprint’s NFL Live Draft Day coverage.

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Feb 05, 2010:

Topics: Text from Rob Johnson | Rob Johnson today | Sanchez’ respect for the Clones | His first year in the NFL | Starting off at 3-0 | Throwing interceptions | Doing what he needed to do, but not too much | James Taylor moment | Knee surgery | Rehab, making it back in time for OTA’s | Hopes and dreams of everyone in the locker room; maintaining poise and composure | Rex Ryan at a Strike Force event, being spit on | Ryan ever going to change? | Guys who played for Buddy Ryan | Mark’s father in the stands | Spokesman for Degree Men: Rising to the Challenge | Sanchez smooth! | Jab at Pete Carroll; out of character moment.

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Jun 15, 2010:

Topics: Off-season | Rex Ryan will probably be the lead guy on Hard Knocks | Still being treated like a rookie | New York City | New York dwarfs everything | Confidence | Respect from the players | Mistakes during rookie season | Guys respect you if you bounce back | Taking ownership of the team | Super Bowl pressure in New York | Musicals | Get a little heat for everything I do | Injured knee | Knee feels better than ever | USC | SC’s sanctions | Reggie Bush | Program needs to be number 1 |

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Nov 10, 2010:

Topics: How the season is going right now | Working to being a dangerous team | Tough win against Detroit | Win was a boost to the whole teams confidence | Have to be your best in the 4th quarter | Focused toward the end of the game | How a win like that affects the team | Taking it personal when a team drops 8 in the box | Running and pass-blocking is great | Sign of respect for the running game | Being shutout and media expectations | Turn it into a positive | Thrown right in and preparing while keeping it in perspective | Braylon Edwards comments going back to Cleveland | Edwards is an emotional player | Staying focused and committing to the team

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Feb 04, 2011:

Mark’s advice for the Packers on Sunday against the Steelers: “Don’t get behind early.”

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Jul 20, 2011:

Mark’s introduction to the Jungle: “War Clones, Un-War Lockout.”

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Aug 08, 2012:

Mark on having Tim Tebow as a teammate: “He’s been great and fun to have around.”

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