Tim Tebow To The Jets Is Done

I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again right now. Tebowmania was sooo last year. Linsanity was soooo last month. Tim-sanity is the new big thing. Tebow to the Jets is done. Even if the Jets nearly choked the deal and embarrassed themselves by not reading his contract before pulling the trigger. But ultimately, they pulled it together and now he’s one of them. Tebow is a Jet. Y-E-S. YES! YES! YES! YES! This is great. Not because I think it will work. It might. And it might not. He could make them better or we might have a really big dumpster fire on our hands. It’s what we’re always looking for: an A or an F. (and when that report card comes out, someone’s getting an new car or they’re getting grounded for life). It’s a circus and it’s awesome. I can actually argue for both sides on this one.


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