Goodell Bear Hugging Draft Picks

I have to admit, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell bear-hugging draft picks on stage is a little strange. Then again, it is the single greatest moment of that player’s life, he’s looking to celebrate with someone and the Commissioner is the first person the player runs into. Never mind that in a year or two, that same player will probably hate the Commissioner like most players do. But for now, it’s all love. Take this unbelievable moment: Chargers first rounder Melvin Ingram hits the stage. And then hits the Commish with a five slap combo shake like they’d been boys since high school. Again, Goodell bear hugging these cats like he’s their dad is bizarre, but this embrace is so unbelievable, it deserves its own bullet: let me break this down. This isn’t one of those trainwreck sniper shakes, where one dude goes for a pound and the other goes for an open palm and the entire exchange goes right into the side of a mountain. You know, like when Dontari Poe zigged and Goodell zagged and they nearly shared a smooch. This wasn’t that. This was clean. Check it in slo-mo:


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