Heat Crush Knicks In Game 1

The Heat boat-raced the Knicks in Game 1 and while I’m not going to read too much into just one game, LeBron James showed up in a completely different way than he did last year at this time. With a different look, and a different tude. It wasn’t about facilitating and standing around and letting Dwyane Wade do his heavy lifting for him… Saturday, James looked like the postseason alpha everyone has been waiting for. Again, it’s just one night. But if the guy shows up like that every night, they’ll walk right through the East. Especially given how it’s all setting up for him and the Heat. Dwight Howard never even made it to the postseason. Boston is already down a game to Atlanta and will probably be without Rondo for the second game. And Chicago lost Rose to an ACL tear. No more legitimate threats in the East means no more excuses, King. Speaking of ACL’s. Judging from the way he hit the deck, I thought LeBron tore both of his after bumping into Tyson Chandler. Shoot, Derrick Rose really did rip his and he didn’t go down like LeBron did. James acted like Chandler took a lead pipe to his kneecap. Talk about selling a foul: you see him jog back up the court with a few fake knee buckles for good measure; Paul Pierce’s wheelchair thinks that’s ridiculous, Bron.


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