Evidence Of Saints Bounty Program

If the Saints weren’t running a bounty program why did it’s alleged mastermind, Gregg Williams, admit to the league that running it was “rolling the dice with player safety someone could have been maimed.” And… if there was no bounty program why did Williams throw up a power point presentation that included pictures of a vomiting Peter Griffin, an injured Jake Delhomme, a sniper scope and Marshawn Lynch? It looked like a dumbed down version of the Oregon Ducks’ playcards. And if there was no existence of a bounty program, why does Dog the Bounty Hunter make an appearance in the slide show and say, “now it’s time to do our job…collect bounty $$ no apologies! Let’s go Hunting!” Either he was looking to take down a meth runner or a deadbeat dad in that locker room or dudes were being paid for cart-offs. Shoot Gregg Williams is Duane Chapman, minus the blonde pompa mullet, armbands and lung-darts…if there was no bounty program, why did the game plan have a bounty hunter?</paragr


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