Worst Rule In All Of Sports

So what did you watch on the box last night? Olympic Time Trials? Criminal Minds? Million Dollar Room. I’ll tell you what I watched. Well, White Chicks. And for about ten seconds. Men’s slow-pitch softball. Mostly, because if I really want to watch that…and I don’t…I’ll just walk down to the park on Saturday morning and see it live. But mostly I’m not down because of the worst rule in all of sports: the 10 homerun limit. Each team is allowed 10 jacks per game: and any jack beyond ten is ruled an automatic out. And last night’s tilt between Team USA and the Futures featured multiple homer outs….where a dude uncorks a 400 footer over the left field wall and then walks right back to the dugout. That’s the only reason anyone watches this stuff: to see fat meatheads swinging out of their spikes. What? Like we want to see some 5-10 280 pound dude shoot one through the right side of the infield and move the runner over? You want people to watch this? Then do the right thing: drop a keg on second base. Put more fat guys on the roster. And eliminate the ten home run rule. If too many jacks makes the game too long then just make the game one inning. That’s all anyone is going to watch anyway.


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