Sex Cannot Be Beaten, By Anyone (page 32575)

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If Twitter is a loaded gun, then sexting is a nuclear warhead. Ask Golden St. head coach Mark Jackson, who is also evidence that extortion is the next big thing in sports. Jackson had an affair with a stripper, Alexis Adams, six years ago. Adams and an ex-con Marcus Shaw were arrested this week for trying to shake down Jackson with the nude pictures he sent her and a CD which they said contained voicemail messages. We’re talking about a man who has been married 22 years, has four kids and is an ordained minster. Not exactly the guy you’d expect to be caught up with a stripper, nude pics and an extortion plot. Further that evidence, that if there’s one absolute, just one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the unbeaten, untied Heavyweight champion in the history of the world…is still sex. And always will be. Sex cannot be beaten. By anyone. Ever. And just ran its record to a perfect infinity and o, with infinity coming by way of knockout.

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