Federer Wins 7th Wimbledon Title

Obviously, it was too soon to throw dirt on Roger Federer. Federer was supposed to be too old. But that was the old Roger Federer who showed up at the all England club yesterday. That was his 7th Wimbledon and 17th Grand Slam overall and he did it while on the wrong side of 30. As for the guy he beat, Andy Murray…. I’ve been saying it for years: you can’t cry at work. We’ve all had a co-worker, sitting at their desk, blubbering over something. A project they couldn’t finish or some issue at home. Can’t do it. There’s only is one exception, you’ve received some horrific news while at work. I’ll even make a second: your entire country is pulling for you to win Wimbledon; you’re moved by their support and feel like you’ve let them all down. I don’t think I’ve ever hit someone in tears with one of these…and I’ll say it on behalf of Wills, Kate, and Pippa: mans’ game Andy Murray. He was classy, sincere and hen. So I’ll make an exception for Murray crying at work. The rest of you, take it to the restroom or the parking lot.


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