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Former FBI director Louis Freeh’s report on Penn St.’s handling of Jerry Sandusky is expected tomorrow morning, and if the statement the Paterno family released yesterday is any indication, it’s not going to go well for JoePa: “Joe Paterno did not cover up for Jerry Sandusky. Joe Paterno did not know that Jerry Sandusky was a pedophile. Joe Paterno did not act in any way to prevent a proper investigation of Jerry Sandusky. To claim otherwise is a distortion of the truth.” Talk about a pre-emptive strike. And if Paterno didn’t know Sandusky was a pedophile why did he tell the Grand Jury in 2011 that he “knew some kind of inappropriate action was being taken by Jerry Sandusky with a youngster. In the showers of the football building.” If that’s not a pedophile what is?

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