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Mid-Summer Classic or Mid-Summer Nap Out? It took a decade but we finally got an All-Star Game that was nearly as lame as the one that ended in a tie back in 2002. You cannot get shutout in the All-Star Game. Yet there it was, NL 8, AL-nothing. You can tell me that game is for the fans. You can tell me it’s a showcase of the sport’s best talent. Just don’t tell me the game matters. And as much as Bud Selig doesn’t want to hear that it’s just an exhibition that’s exactly what it is. Just listen to AL starter Justin Verlander, who never gets hit around, but barely got out of the first inning: “I know this game means something. But we’re here for the fans, and I know the fans don’t want to see me throw 90 and hit the corners. Just let it eat and have fun.” Right. And remember, any time a guy says “I know this means something, but…” he’s about to explain why it means nothing at all. And he’s right. There’s your new MLB All Star slogan: “Just let it eat and have fun.” Because that wasn’t at all.

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