Adam Scott Chokes

It wasn’t quite Van de Veldian, but it was Norman-esque. Only worse. Look, I know no one associated with golf ever wants to break out a choke -bomb on someone…. especially on a guy as beloved as Adam Scott. But he choked. He had a four shot lead, with four holes to play. He had won the Open Championship. The claret jug was in his hand. They had already started to put his name on the champion’s medal: literally. And not only did he not finish with a four shot lead with four holes to play, he didn’t even force a playoff. It was that bad. Now…. that said, credit to Ernie Els for closing like a freight train. He clutched up. Scott didn’t. That’s why the Big Easy has now won four majors and why Scott is still sitting on zero. I hate to say it because Scott is a great guy. And I know dropping that word on someone in golf is a reason to go, but if that’s not a choke, what is?


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