The NCAA Got This One Right

NCAA President Mark Emmert continues to take heat for bypassing the Association’s normal investigative polices and taking the wood to Joe Paterno and Penn State’s football program himself. Heat from those who say he was way out of line (and even further) out of his jurisdiction. And I still don’t buy it. Look, there are plenty of things the NCAA has gotten wrong. But this isn’t one of them. There was no way the NCAA could sit this one out. No way they can come down on programs for free ink, free houses and excessive texting and then do nothing when a program harbors a child molester and then tries to cover it up… Do that and the NCAA would have even less credibility and legitimacy than they don’t have right now. In fact, they’d have none at all. Instead of blaming them for finally getting one right, blame the school for the actions that led to this punishment. Namely, covering up for a pedophile. And I don’t want to hear this is a criminal case for the authorities and not the NCAA’s concern… Look, Jerry Sandusky is going to spend the rest of his life in the hole. And Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz could log some time there too. Stop getting this twisted. The NCAA didn’t hammer Joe Paterno and the football program for Sandusky’s crimes. They hammered them because the head coach, the President and Vice President covered up Sandusky’s crimes… Had they done the right thing, and to use their own phrase, achieved “success with honor” we wouldn’t be having this conversation.


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