Cermonial Lighting Of The Torch

The big question on everyone’s mind in London is: who gets the honor of starting the Olympic Games with the ceremonial lighting of the torch? It’s a huge honor and an enormous responsibility. Billions will be watching world wide; you have to clutch up and live up to all your predecessors. The ultimate in showmanship and stones occurred in 1992 when paralympic archer Antonio Rebollo laced it from about a half mile out. Rebollo yips… and someone takes a flaming arrow in their heart. youtube So, 20 years later, how does London live up to that. One of two ways: Prince William rides in on horseback and sparks it with a flaming sword. Or….David Beckham does the honors with a flaming soccer ball. You have Becks blast that thing, bend it right into the torch and that party won’t stop for two weeks.


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