Badminton Scandal

And the world of badminton has been rocked by scandal. 8 players representing South Korea, China and Indonesia were disqualified from the Olympics Weds for tanking matches intentionally. Badminton is played in a round robin format where taking a loss early on, can set you up with an easier match late. Look, being tactical and strategic is one thing. But just laying down completely is another. And I’ve seen half drunk housewives at backyard BBQ’s with a racket in one hand and a glass of Pinot Grigio in the other try harder and play better badminton than these Olympians did. They may be the world’s best players, but they’re also the world’s worst actors. And BBC analyst John McEnroe, for one, wasn’t having any of it: “people who are watching the badminton right now will be turning off in droves and losing even more interest.” Right. If they had any at all to begin with. And the five people that were watching it, could have run on the court and beaten those tanks the way they were dogging it.


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