Best Of All Time

Impossible to say a guy with 15 golds had to have a 16th, but Michael Phelps had to have gold in last night’s 200 Individual Medley. No way could he leave London without one, especially after getting worked in the 400 IM by teammate Ryan Lochte, and getting nailed in the 200 Butterfly, his other signature event. He had to have it, he knew it, and swam like it.Look, London wasn’t Beijing, and Phelps isn’t nearly what he used to be. But he’s not Willie Mays stumbling around in center field or Joe Namath getting murdered in the backfield with the Rams either. He didn’t dominate, but he didn’t tank. He’s not what he once was, but he’s not a has been either. If anything he showed something after showing up and getting hammered in his first event. He may no longer be the best in the world, but he is the best of all time.


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