A.P. Goes Legend

And how did you spend your Labor Day? BBQ? Block party? Sitting in traffic on the way back from the lake? Me? I’ll admit it. I spent most of my day, watching this. Over and over again. youtube That’s Kent State’s Andre Parker and I can’t get enough of this guy. And apparently, neither can America because A.P. went legend on Friday night and his Youtube count is up over 1.2 million since. And I’m responsible for about 20 of them. My man covers the punt…then scoops the punt and damn near houses the punt. In the wrong direction! Never has anything been so wrong and felt so right. We can debate who the best player in the country is: But there’s no debating who the coolest player is: Andre Parker. I don’t know what was better…, dude running for glory…the wrong way. Or his teammates actually blocking for him…or the opponent, Towson State trying to bring him down. Tie for first. A.P.: you’re my man: best play of the weekend. Best play of the season. And when I get home tonight, I’ll watch it ten more times. And by the time bowl season rolls around, you’ll definitely be in Rebecca Black and Biebs neighborhood.


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