Jets Circus

We have some breaking news from New York. This just in: the Jets are not a circus. That, according to their owner and head coach. Owner Woody Johnson says that whole 3-ring, big top thing is nothing more than a media creation: “That’s you guys. I certainly don’t feel that way. We’re deadly serious about what we’re doing here.” What? And the lion tamers and tight rope walkers aren’t? Of course you guys are serious, Wood. Circus performers have to be. That freak who gets shot out of a cannon has to be all business or he’ll miss the net…. Come on! Nick Saban berating reporters for not respecting Western Kentucky can’t believe the Jets are blaming the media for their circus. Even ring master Rex Ryan took a shot: “the circus thing is getting kind old for me.” It’s getting old for you?? How do you think the rest of us feel, having it shoved down our throats on a daily basis. Look, big fella, I’m a big fan. I like your rap. I like your swagger. I love your brother. Just don’t tell me your team isn’t a circus. Even saying you’re not a circus is a big part of the circus.


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