All Day Is All Man

A quick shout out to all you losers, err fantasy owners who benched Adrian Peterson because you didn’t trust his knee. You’re supposed to be owners, not doctors. You deserve all the heat you’re getting right now on the message boards and A.P. deserves to never be doubted ever again. Because the dude who put his knee on backwards last December, was in the end zone yesterday. Twice. The cat completely shredded his knee; check it: he was still laid up in up in a hospital bed on New Year’s Eve. Some never sniff a field again after an injury like that. Yet A.P. was killing it just 8 months after his surgery. And not in some cameo role either. Or ad a change of pace back or a decoy. 17 carries, 84 yards, 2 T.D.’s and a Week one win.

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