An Instant Silver And Black Classic (page 33545)

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Apologies to anyone east of the Mississippi who hit the hay and couldn’t hang in for Raiders v. Chargers last night, but you blew it. Don’t be fooled by the 22-14 final score you woke up to. You missed an instant silver and black classic. Things got crazy right around 9:30 Pacific when Raiders pro bowl long-snapper Jon Condo went down. That’s when back-up snapper Travis Goethal started rolling them back to Shane Lechler. From a pro bowler to a guy who could be a professional bowler. I get that Goethal didn’t get many reps in practice. But did he get any at all? Did he even need any? Has he ever actually snapped before? It should have never even gotten to that point. Football is a game of adjustments. You dribble one, then get your next one blocked, you adjust. And by adjust, I mean you just stop punting. No team has ever lost by a touchdown and looked worse in a game.

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