The Redskins Long Snapper Is A Maniac

This isn’t exactly a newsflash…but Redskins long snapper Nick Sundberg is a maniac. As you probably know, he broke his arm in the first half of Washington’s win over New Orleans and then refused to come out of the game. So dude obviously has a crazy pain threshold. And now we know why. His mother used to work for a company that makes tasers. And Sundberg says when he was 9, some of her co workers were messing with him on bring your kid to work, day…asking quote, “you gonna take a hit today.” Thinking that his mother would never let a 9 year old take a taser blaze, he said sure. Then, to his horror, she said let’s do this thing. And little Nicky got lit up like a Christmas tree. He says he’d do it every time taser rolled out a new product. That’s one way to cut a toughness groove in your brain. You have to love that the Raiders have a long snapper who couldn’t even snap it 3 feet while totally healthy, and the Redskins have a maniac who’s on the field with a broken arm and who used to tase himself for fun. Tase me, bro.


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