Manning Looks Rusty Against Falcons

Frankly, that’s what I expected from Peyton Manning in Week 1. Rusty. Rattled. And color blind. Because the guy who looked like he’d never left against the Steelers, looked like he had nothing left early against the Falcons. And while I don’t know if he can still make all the throws, I do know he has at least one of them down. The weak, wobbly, dead duck over the middle that hits a D.B. in stride. I know he still has that. Because he threw it three times in the first three series last night. Then again, this is who Manning is and what he does. He likes to spread the ball around and get everyone involved. Which is exactly what he did. The floater to William Moore. The eerily similar floater to Thomas DeCoud. Then he split corner Robert McClain’s numbers.


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