Easy Win For New York Giants

Everyone in the NFL will tell you, it’s so hard to win in that league. And even more-so on the road. Yeah…not last night in Carolina. Because the Giants ripped what they’ll say -insist doesn’t exist: an easy win… It was 7-0 by the time they got off the bus. 20-nothing by halftime. Meanwhile, the Giants are taking this next man up, thing to a ridiculous level. Ahmad Bradshaw went down; Andre Brown was the next man up. And his job was simple: get north and south, and hold onto the ball, short timer. Instead he got off, housing it twice and finishing with over 100 yards rushing. And who was that 7 footer they dropped in as their fourth wideout? Oh that’s just Ramses Barden, playing for Hakeem Nicks and finishing with 9 receptions for 138 yards. Eli Manning looked like he was just playing 7 on 7 out there. And at this point, it really doesn’t even matter who he hands or throws it to, it’s getting housed. Just don’t tell me that wasn’t easy. Because it was.


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