NFL And Refs Reach An Agreement

As you know the NFL and its refs have reached an agreement and the real refs will work tonight’s Ravens-Browns game. Great. But if the league truly believes the replacements got that final call right Monday night, then why did they get in a room, make major concessions and knock out this deal with the real refs. They did because they know it wasn’t a catch: and that the replacements were murdering the product on the field. And I’m sure Roger Goodell didn’t feel like showing up to 70,000 belligerent voice messages every Monday when he got to the office. Obviously, this is the right call. And it should have been made sooner. And this is a real black eye for the shield. But the brand is still strong, they’ll just throw a piece a meat on it on it and keep moving. And when the OG officials hit the field tonight they’ll get a hero’s welcome. That is until, the fans see how much rust they have to knock off and someone butchers a call and jams the Ravens and then Baltimore will break out the very same B.S. chant they reigned on the replacements.


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