Dez Bryant: Career Best and Worst (page 33955)

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Cowboy receiver Dez Bryant did make history. He became the first NFL’er ever to have a career high in receiving yards and a career worst game, both on the same night. Peep that: A career high that was actually bad for his look. First, the fact that a third year player, with his upside had never topped 105 yards in receiving is pretty embarrassing in and of itself. Especially since their offense is set up now to force it to 88 every other snap. Anyone on that coaching staff remember Miles Austin? Pure baller, wears 19, looks a little like Alex Rodriguez. Call his number once in awhile and unlike Dez, he might actually catch it. It’s not just Bryant’s drops balls either… although there are way too many of those. It’s the mental mistakes, like taking that alignment penalty… and running the wrong routes. Million dollar game, ten-cent head; and three years in, that guy shouldn’t still be having nights like that.

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