Jay Cutler Blows By Tice On Sidelines

There’s only one quarterback in the NFL who could drop a 140 rating… in a big win,… on the road… on Monday night… and still be taking fire on Tuesday morning. And his name rhymes with “Cay Jutler”. Yep, Jay Cutler got into again with someone on the sideline… this time it was his offensive coordinator Mike Tice. Tice tried to chat him up in the third quarter and Cutler blew right by him. And then chastised the media for trying to make something out of nothing: “I know you guys have to sell papers. It’s hard out there. But you can’t blow up every headline. Things happen during football games. Just because I walk off and go get water doesn’t mean much.” This time, Cutler’s right. There is nothing to see here. Things do happen. Last year Tom Brady and Bill O’Brien looked like they were going to throw on the sideline in the middle of a game. So it’s not just Cutler. Look, he’s an easy target; and does bring most of this on himself. But I’m not taking a shot at him after a big time performance…on the road after a big win. He’ll do something soon enough that I’ll be happy to rap him for, but not this…


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