Tony Romo Throws Five Picks In Bad Loss

How bout them Cowboys?! 5 turnovers, 2 reverse T.D.’s, 1 embarrassing beat down at home. And zero surprise. It’s nice to know in a league with so much uncertainty… week to week, you can always count on the Cowboys to go into the tank when it matters most. This is a team that simply cannot stand prosperity. I mean, did these guys really go into New York and slap the defending world champs, in their house… in the opener? They’re not ready for prime time, and nothing about these guys says they’re ready to win their second playoff game in 16 years. Sure they did the Giants. But then they were beaten up by Seattle…just did survive Tampa…and got wrecked last night by Chicago. As usual, they’re loaded, but physical talent means nothing without mental toughness. And yet again, they no-showed on the big stage. America’s team? They’re not even Texas’ team anymore. Enjoy the bye week, fellas. Just know, you didn’t earn it.


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