Adam Greenberg Gets Another At Bat

Seeing Adam Greenberg dig in for his second career at-bat and first in 7 years was like something right out of Hollywood. But sometimes, even the best movies don’t end the way you want them to. Greenberg, of course, was beaned by the first and only big league pitch he ever saw back in 2005 with the Cubs. He suffered a concussion and battled vision problems, vertigo and chronic headaches in the ensuing years. But continued to grind and fight before finally signing a one day contract with the Miami Marlins recently. And when Ozzie Guillen sent him out to pinch hit against the Mets in the sixth inning last night, it was nothing but goose bumps. So who does he get to face in this historic moment? A knuckleballing, 20 game winner in R.A. Dickey. Great! What is that, some sort of sick joke?? And three knucklers late, it was’ all over. Just like that.


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