The Jets Are A Mess

If the Saints are the best 0-4 team ever, then the Jets are the worst 2-2 team ever. They’re a mess. They’re a circus. And worst of all, they’re quitters. Not my take. Forty-niner Carols Rodgers, gets credit for that saying, “it kinda seems like, after a while they just, I know, looking at their defense, they didn’t’ want to be out there. And after that it’s like, man, these guys don’t really want to play the game. You know it’s pretty much over…. It really kind of shocked me to see that them guys were ready to go get in the showers.” It goes without saying, the worst thing you can say about an athlete or a team is that they quit. Everyone can accept losing, no one can accept quitting. Especially four weeks into the season. Especially at home and when it’s a team that prides itself on intensity, defense and swagger. And nothing says swagger less than turtling. Remember when the Jets used to break faces and intimidate. Neither do I. Ever think you’d see the day a Rex Ryan team would quit. Neither did I. Q-U-I-T, Jets….Jets…Jets!


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