The Jungle Is A “Jets Free” Zone

Seminal moment here in the Jungle. This is the last bullet I drop on the New York Jets for a long, long time. I don’t like to waste them on bad teams that get blown out after an entire week of talking junk. Hard to imagine, but all that smack the Jets were talking actually got me to care about Jets-v. Dolphins. At least for the five minutes or so that it was actually competitive. Miami 30. New York 9. Thanks for coming. I could have flipped it off midway through the first series when Reggie Bush answered all that head-hunting smack with a straight-right stiff-arm. Antonio Cromartie got popped and flagged on the same play, summing up the Jets entire day in a single moment. They didn’t come to play. And they didn’t come to fight. And if they did, they’re a shot fighter. Afterwards, the best Cromartie could manage was to call Bush a punk. No…., you guys got punked. By a rival. By a backup quarterback. By 3 touchdowns. In your house. After talking junk all week long. Bye bye Jets. The circus is closed. The body is cold. You have no place on this program. D-E-A-D, Jets Jets Jets.


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