Put Your Name To It

Pro athletes hate criticism from anonymous sources. But no one hates it more than Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola. The 12 year vet, who once invited Lions fan to his front porch to fight him, exploded when Pro Football Weekly quoted an anonymous executive as saying Raiola is an “average back up” and a “complete fraud.” Uh-oh!! Predictably, Dom snapped: “All I’ve got to say is to two people: whoever talked bleep, and the person who wrote it. Coward. Gutless. Bleep-less. They’ve got no name. Anonymous all I’ve got to say is bleep you….bleep him and bleep both of them.” Dude’s right. Cracking on guys anonymously is gutless. Knee-capping a player and not putting your name to it is cowardly. Dom’s right once again. If you have something to say about Dominic Raiola, put your name to it. Or he’ll put you to sleep. Right in his front yard.


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