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The weekend was won by Jonathan Paul Football. And that sound you heard around 6:30 Eastern Time Saturday night was the party starting in the south…when Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M went into Bryant-Denny and rolled the Tide. Wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago that dopes were asking if this Alabama team could beat the Chiefs? Not if they’re getting knee-capped on their own field by a redshirt freshman. Granted… a redshirt freshman, who bleeds moxie. This cat is just different. Redshirt freshmen don’t just walk into that stadium, go down the field in their first possession and punch Bama right in the face. And then do it again, on their second and third possessions too. Nick Saban was staring at 20-0 and looked like he had seen a ghost. Obviously, Sabes doesn’t follow Manziel on Twitter, or he would have known J-football was quoting Sparta before the game: “give them nothing, but take from them everything.” It takes a special kind of spine to be saber-rattling like that before you take on the Tide. The same kind of brass that will roll out and hit a wheel route for 42 yards in the fourth quarter. And then drop a dime on the very next snap.

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