Kris Humphries Got Ron-Dashianed (page 34896)

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Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics

It’s not officially basketball season until we’ve had our first brawl. And Rajon Rondo just got it started… under Kris Humphries’ chin.

That’s 6-1, 185 drive-blocking 6-9, 235 about 5 photogs deep. I know it doesn’t take much to set Rondo off, but why did he snap there? Humphries bumping Kevin Garnett wasn’t exactly Andrew Bynum back-flipping J.J. Barea. If it really was a dirty foul, KG would have jumped up, waited for Brandon Bass to hold him back and started m-fing everyone in the building. Rondo is the guy who sees his boy get his elbow clipped in a crowded bar and goes from zero to broken beer bottle in .5 seconds.

That said, you have to respect it. How many point guards stick up for their power forwards? It’s supposed to be the other way around. I didn’t see Deron Williams jumping in front of Humphries. Had he done that, he might have saved Humphries from those scratches he tweeted out later.

We’ve seen that look before from Humphries: in over his head, shell-shocked, backpedaling and wounded. That’s twice now; you’ve gotten abused by someone much shorter, much more famous and much more powerful. You just got Ron-Dashianed!

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