The Saints Have Had Enough

Stop the fight! The Saints have had a enough. What was that in the Atl? Because I could have sworn I saw the Saints score just one T.D. and Drew Brees didn’t throw it. Tony Gonzalez says no one has the stomach to ride with the Falcons. But they just gave the world five reasons why it should. An Int. finsky for Drew Brees on a fast track. I didn’t think that was even possible.
The Falcons are no longer a real-life fantasy team. It’s no longer just house calls and crazy points. Now, it’s hits and picks. All three levels of the defense grabbed boomerangs: safety…backer…even a d-lineman. Total group domination by the dee on a night when the Atlanta offense wasn’t right.

Yeah, I said it; the defense bailed the offense out. And it’s not the first time either. The Falcon dee has turned Peyton Manning inside out…they’ve knocked Bob Grifin out…and they just broke Brees’ touchdown streak and hassled him into a 37 Q.B. rating. That Saints offense was covered in more egg than their bus.


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