2012 Ravens

Ever see a 9-3 team that looks more likely to go 0-1 in January than the Baltimore Ravens? I mean, we already knew they bring nothing with them on the road, but they’re still unbeatable at home, right?? Ehhhhh!! Not if Charlie Batch is coming in and doing them.

When Ben Roethlisberger went down, everyone just penciled in two wins for Baltimore. Obviously, they did too, or they wouldn’t have shown up with their “D” game against their arch rivals. How else do you explain losing to Chuck Batch in your own house? And if you don’t let your best player touch the ball a single time, in the fourth quarter of a tight game, you’re asking to get beat. Check Ray Rice’s numbers in the money quarter yesterday. Zero carries. Zero catches. Zero impact. Zero points for Baltimore. And zero excuse for that happening. Especially when the self-professed best Q.B. in the league was getting outplayed by a 37 year old, third stringer. In his own house. In a game he had to have. Tough to front like you’re elite, Joseph when you get Batched in your own building.


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