RIP Rick

I was saddened to see the passing of Rick Majerus. I always got a huge kick out of the man and loved having him on our shows. And this dude could flat out coach. The fact that he had Utah, I said Utah, in the title game against Kentucky in 98, tells you that. Not only had them there, but had a double digit lead in the second half and was up four with just 5 minutes to play before the Utes finally ran out of gas. No one got more out of what he had than Majerus.

Now, part of the reason for that was, he pushed people. Hard. While jovial in national interviews, he was extremely tough on his players, assistants, staffers and the local press. I loved the guy, but I didn’t have to live with or work for the man. I only knew him from afar but what I knew I liked.


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