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New Orleans Saints v New York Giants

If it’s mid-December, then you know the New York Giants are looking to flip the switch again. But aren’t down with actual flips. The fans may be loving David Wilson’s gymnastics act in the end zone, but Justin Tuck isn’t having any of it: “I told him several times never to do that again…the last thing we need is him having some tweak injury by showing off to the crowd…let’s just keep him upright and running and leave the back flips for YouTube.”


Look, it’s unbelievable that dude can stick a flip, in full pads, after sprinting 100 yards. But as usual, Mr. Tuck is right. If Wilson were to sniper his landing and jack his Achilles. The Giants lose their homerun hitter and he’d go straight to the Gus Frerotte Hall of Fame. I love Wilson’s end zone act, but if he keeps back flipping, he’s liable to get backhanded by Tuck…Osi…or J.P.P…or all three.

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