Melo Possessed In Win Over Generals (page 35108)

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Los Angeles Lakers v New York Knicks

Mike D’Antoni returned to New York and did what he usually does in the mecca: he lost. Badly. Boat-raced 116-107. Knick Carmelo Anthony, who was probably most responsible for running D’Antoni out of New York, insists last night wasn’t personal. Right, and I’m gonna get 10 good calls on today’s show. It was personal and this dude was possessed. 3 ball to start the game. Cash. Then another. Cash. Then the heatcheck in transition. Cash. 11-2. Thanks for playing. Get off our floor.

Melo was dropping treys with the smoothest hand that town has seen since Captain Sully turned the East River into a runway. Tyson Chandler said Anthony was “exploding.” Right. And exploiting. Exploiting a defense that again offered no resistance whatsoever. Lay-ups…three balls…dunks…whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted it. Had the Lakers not knocked Anthony out of the game in the third quarter, he probably would have finished with 50 and the Lakers would have lost by 30. That’s four straight losses, 6 of 7 overall, and the Lakers have never looked any worse than they do right now.

And I don’t want to hear about how they “made a game of it” …either. That’s what it’s come to? Already? They Lakers are settling for moral victories now? They didn’t make a game of it. Anthony’s injury made the final score a little less humiliating but that game was over the second the ball went up for the opening tip. Kobe Bryant says he wishes they were playing the Washington Generals next. They are the Washington Generals. Sure. They’re banged up. And we do need to see how they look with Steve Nash on the floor, running Mike D’Antoni’s system. And Nash wi

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