Nice Spin Commish

And the long, national nightmare may soon be over. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is finally…finally…considering expanding the playoff field from 12 to possibly 14 or even 16 teams. I never thought this day would come, and now that it’s here, it’s almost too good to be true! It’s like a Christmas miracle… What is this? A joke? A way to get a 7-9 team into the postseason tournament.

Look, the NFL playoffs are great, but the next person I hear clamoring for more teams in the postseason, will be the first. This isn’t on anyone’s radar. But the Commisisoner knows the league is coming off two of its worst weeks ever, with two horrific tragedies and the Saints Bounty scandal, and it’s all anyone is talking about. So the Commissioner probably thinks, let’s run a little misdirection, and change the conversation. And how does he do that: by trying to change the kickoff rule and opening up the postseason to half the league. Nice spin. Nice try. No one’s buying it. And no one wants to see a sub .500 team in late January.


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