P. J. Carlesimo

Info & Stats: Brooklyn Nets Head Coach

All Topics: The nature of the NBA | Moving over a seat | Tough ordeal, taking over for Avery Johnson | Avery bringing him in | Winning 6 out of the last 7 | Having the same staff as Avery | Running the same stuff | The team making a lot of good moves in the off-season | December struggles | Joe Johnson | Being straight forward with the players | This is a players league | Coaching in Portland | Today’s players | Needing to be on the same page as the players in the NBA | Star players | Coaching stars | His time in San Antonio | The stars in San Antonio empower Pop to coach them | Deron Williams | Deron being tired from the Olympics | Deron and Joe getting to know each other better | His father Pete | His dad being a coach | Vince Lombardi | His dad and Vince being friends |

P.J. on star players: “The really talented, want somebody to push them to be as good as they can be.”

Jan 9th 2013

P.J. Carlesimo


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