2012 Smack-Off champion and current coach in “The Ultimate Fighter 17,” Chael Sonnen joined the Jim Rome Show and given his history, it was no surprise that he immediately wanted to discuss Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. Sonnen wasn’t interested in Armstrong’s admission that he used PEDs, but he did take exception to the notion that Armstrong is a bully.

“Why are they calling him a bully? That’s what I can’t wrap my mind brain around,” said Sonnen. “Lance is a dweeb, the only thing he’s missing is the tape on the glasses and the high water pants.”

Sonnen continued, “Who is he bullying? The guy the holding the cups of water at mile marker 6? The old lady that swerves into the bike lane? I don’t even understand the whole thing.”

He may not understand Armstrong’s reputation as a bully, but he does claim to have been on the receiving end of an Armstrong threat.

“I felt it, after coming on your show. He threatened to sue me and I threated to kick his ass. And the whole thing went away,” said Sonnen.


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