Andrew Luck

Info & Stats: Indianapolis Colts Quarterback

All Topics: His week | Tough to be here and not playing | His rookie season | Toughest adjustment for him was the length of the season | Staying fresh | Rookie wall | Wasn’t allowed to hit the rookie wall | Quarterback position | Reggie Wayne being the offensive leader | First game after Chuck Pagano’s leukemia diagnosis | Bruce Arians | Falling behind 21-3 against Green Bay | Cancer | Following in Peyton Manning’s footsteps | Wasn’t going to get emotionally hijacked | Jim Harbaugh | Harbaugh’s fire and energy | Baltimore Ravens defense | Ravens do a good job of disguising | Luck’s phone | Still has his old flip phone | His splurge was buying a condo and ping pong table |

Jan 30th 2013

Andrew on his biggest adjustment from college to the NFL game: “The length of the season.”

Sep 04, 2012:

Andrew on what he thinks his biggest adjustment will be from college to the pro game: “Speed of the game.”

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Nov 10, 2010:

Topics: Great tradition at Stanford quartback | An honor to be mentioned among the other great names to play QB there | Jim Harbaugh calls Andrew “one of the finest football players he has ever been around” | Nice to have the coach have your back | Spending overseas with NFL Europe when his father ran the league | Growing up playing soccer | Father is the AD at WVU, played high school in Texas but ended up at Stanford | Harbaugh had a lot to do with it | Wants to be the guy to help turn the team around | Ranked #7 in the AP poll | Doesn’t put too much stock in the polls | The tackle he made after a fumble | Nice to give a hit after taking so many | Heisman thoughts | Thoughts about Cam Newton’s situation | Going to let play do the talking for Heisman votes | Thoughts on being on top of draft boards | Hasn’t made promises to his family about getting a degree | Being at Stanford was a little intimidating at first but is intellectually stimulation | Oregon being a very good team

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