Pryce Says Lewis Was Nervous In Super Bowl

Former Baltimore Raven defensive lineman Trevor Pryce tells Jim Rome on his radio program that his former teammate Ray Lewis should not get much credit for last night’s win. Pryce believes the impact Lewis had on the team was emotional, because it certainly did not show up in the box score or on tape.

“Half of his playoff check should go to Dannell Ellerbe for making that last play on that last fade route,” said Pryce. “The other half to Greg Roman the 49ers offensive coordinator.”

Pryce believes Lewis had a case of the “yips.”

“I think he played with a case of the nerves. I think he had the yips. I really do,” said Pryce.

Pryce, who played 4+ seasons with Lewis, said he had never seen anything like that before from the 17 year veteran. Pryce believes the emotions of the game took Lewis right out of the game, to the point he was barely recognizable.

“He had it bad; he didn’t look like himself, even his new self. Forget his old self, that guy’s gone, that guy’s named Patrick Willis,” Pryce said. “But even the guy he was last week, he wasn’t that guy.  He had a case of it bad, badly. It was almost like he was just hoping let’s get this over with.”

Trevor Pryce


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