2/28/2013 Steph Curry, Izzo, Rice

Hour 1

Stephen Curry Has Monster Night At The Garden | Alex Smith Trade Is A Good Deal For KC | Tom Izzo (College Basketball) Interview | Preview Of Hour 2

Hour 2

Ray Rice (NFL) Interview | A Call From Iafrate | Stephen Curry (NBA) Interview | Preview Of Hour 3

Hour 3

Wizards Announcer Calls ‘Dagger !’ On Air Ball | Clone Combine Questions | The Saying In The Alabama Weight Room | Huge Call Of The Day


Steph Curry

The guard on scoring 54 points in Madison Square Garden last night: “Something I’ll defiantly remember the rest of my life.”

Tom Izzo

The Michigan State head coach on if there’s panic around campus right now: “Yeah.”

Ray Rice

The Ravens running back on if the media attention Ray Lewis received during the Super Bowl run bugged him: “Nah, he deserved that.”

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