Hour 1

J-Stew Sings Betterman Live Over Open | A Call From Blaise In KC | Steve Elkington (Golf) Interview | Preview Of Hour 2

Hour 2

Trey Burke (College Basketball) Interview | Rachel In Houston Calls | Dan In DC Calls In  | A Call From Holmey In Newport Beach

Hour 3

Calls From The Sklars, Joe In OC And Vic In Nocal | Rick Pitino (College Basketball Interview | Huge Tweet Of The Day | J-Stew’s Good-Bye


Steve Elkington

Elk to J-Stew on his final day: “Good look mate you’re a tremendous asset to Jim.”

Trey Burke

The guard on the Big 10: “In my opinion this is the best conference in the country.”

Rick Pitino

The coach on Peyton Siva: “He’s maybe the most selfless player I’ve coached.”


A Mug Job In The Mile City

Lob City just got leveled by the Mile High City.  And the hottest team in the Western Conference looks like the snake in the grass of the NBA Playoffs.  Break up the Nugs.  Denver has won 7 in a row… they’ve lost just 3 times at home all year and last night’s beat down of the Clippers was never even competitive.  That was a mug job…
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A Crap Job

Big Blue Nation… how you livin?  Not real well, I’d imagine after getting curb-stomped by an average Georgia team last night.  Look, we all knew Kentucky wasn’t going to repeat this year, but I didn’t think just making the NCAA Tournament was too much to ask.  Now, it might take a miracle to get in.
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The Boston Media Can Be Really Tough

L.A. Dodger Carl Crawford blew the lid off a huge story this week, namely…the Boston media can be really tough.  And Crawford told CBS’ Danny Knobler, they tried to wreck his life: “It just wasn’t the right place for me at the end of my day.  I didn’t do my homework. Maybe they didn’t, either…that media was the worst thing I’ve experienced in my life.”
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Another One Of Bud’s Bad Ideas

The World Baseball Classic is underway.  And that fact that I had to tell you that tells you everything you need to know about the World Baseball Classic.
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Clowney Takes Out Insurance Policy

You can forget about South Carolina super-freak Jadeveon Clowney sitting out the upcoming season to avoid injury.  He has taken out a $5 million dollar insurance policy through the NCAA.
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Jackson Voids Final Year Of Contract

One of the stranger sights we’ll see next fall is Steven Jackson trucking dudes in a new jersey.  But it will be one of the best because the 9 year Rams workhourse is a first ballot entry into the great player, terrible team, Hall of Fame.
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