Michigan’s Tim Hardaway Jr. joined Jim Rome on his radio program Monday to discuss the Wolverines’ 25-point win over VCU and advancing to the Sweet 16 for the first time in 19 years. The guard is confident, but admits his swagger is a family trait that he gets from his famous father.
“I think I just feed off him and I think it just runs through our veins,” said Jr. “In the Hardaway family, every time we play in a sport, we’ve got to be confident. We are all energetic and just go out there and have fun.”
Although having a 5-time All-Star as a father has its perks, it certainly can be tough too.
“Yeah, it’s not easy at all,” the junior guard laughed.
Hardaway Jr., who at 6’6 is half a foot taller than his father, says sometimes his dad doesn’t realize being bigger doesn’t mean the game is easier.
“He always says I wish I had your size,” Hardaway Jr. said.  “So I’m like, I wish I had your size so I could be closer to the ground so I could dribble and what not and get around bigger guys like you do. So I mean it’s vice versa.”
Jr. said the relationship between the two wasn’t always great growing up and at times was contentious, as father would critique son’s game and Hardaway Jr wouldn’t take kindly to it. But all of that changed during the son’s junior year of high school, when elder Hardaway realized his son was doing everything he’d taught and told him to do.
“He apologized to me after the game,” said Hardaway Jr.  “Ever since then our relationship has been as strong as ever. I’m happy for that and its great just to have a father that really understands his son.”


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