S.T.F.U. Danny

Did you check Pat Riley going in on Danny Ainge recently.

Ainge fired the first shot telling a Boston radio station that it was “almost embarrassing that LeBron would complain about officiating.”  He’s right.  As beastly as LeBron is, complaining that Kirk Hinrich busted him up is almost embarrassing.

But Riley wasn’t having any of it, and issued a statement through the team: “Danny Ainge needs to shut the bleep up and manage his own team.  He was the biggest whiner going when he was a player.  I know that because I coached against him.”

Telling a rival suit to S.T.F.U. is K.O. material.  But Ainge tried to punch his way off the ropes saying, “I don’t care about Pat Riley.  He can say whatever he wants…I don’t want to mess up his Armani suits and all that hair goop.”  ?  1987 called, it wants it’s hair goop smack back. Danny.

Riley let his star know he has his back and at the same time sent the referees a message before the Playoffs start.  And sent a message to Danny Ainge, S.T.F.U.


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