A Bad Guy And A Bad Coach

What took so long for Rutgers to fire basketball coach Mike Rice?  By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the video of Rice firing basketballs at his players, shoving them and verbally abusing them.

And let’s be really clear about this: that’s not some old school, throwback, who’s about instilling toughness and discipline, and coaching his guys hard.  That’s a bad guy, who crossed the line repeatedly, and should have been whacked a long time ago.

A 44 year old man chucking basketballs at 18 and 19 year olds is neither disciplined nor tough.  He’s not coaching, he’s bullying.  He doesn’t look strategic, he looks psychotic.

Look, I’m sure he’s not the only coach in America pulling this garbage.  But it doesn’t make it right and those who are, better hope the school doesn’t have tape of it.  The fact that Rutgers did and still didn’t fire this guy immediately is unconscionable.  Rice should have been broken off sooner and so should Athletic Director Tim Pernetti for not pulling the trigger as soon as he saw the tape.

Question is, what took so long to fire Rice?  It would be reprehensible enough if they tried to cover it up because he was successful, but he’s wasn’t.   While I don’t condone it, I understand why Indiana enabled Bobby Knight when he was a jerk to his players.  Knight’s a Hall of Famer…  Rice is just a guy.  A bad guy.  And a bad coach.

Why would you risk putting your program and your University in this position for a coach who had never even had a winning season for you?  And you can’t tell me it won’t hurt the football team as well.  You know other coaches are telling recruits, if Rutgers’ culture allows a bad basketball coach to treat his players that way, what do you think their football coach can get away it?.

And I’m sure the Big Ten is fired up to be adding these guys in 2014.  Nothing says Legends and Leaders like a maniac coach firing basketballs at players’ heads and crotches.  More like lunatics and losers.


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