Wes Welker

Info & Stats: Denver Broncos Wideout

All Topics: Signing with the Denver Broncos | His career in New England | The business side of football | You can’t control everything | Not lingering on about leaving the Patriots | No hard feelings towards the Patriots | Tom Brady taking less money | Talking to Tom after he signed with Denver | Being undrafted | Fuel | Working with Peyton Manning now | Him reaching out to Peyton Manning during free agency | Wanting to play on a good team | Will start working with Manning in the next week | Learning how Peyton wants things done | It’s only April | His horse, Undrafted | Being an owner of a horse | Jim’s crew buying a horse from Wes

Apr 3rd 2013

Wes on if he has any hard feelings towards the New England Patriots: “No, not at all.”

Wes Welker


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