Andy Enfield

Info & Stats:  USC Head Coach

All Topics: The last few weeks of his life | Being so focused at Florida Gulf Coast | Pretty amazing run the past few weeks | Mentality was always to win every game at Florida Gulf Coast | Facing Georgetown first | Playing in Philadelphia was great | Showing up on USC’s radar | The tradition of USC | Pat Haden | Likes the existing roster at USC | Recruiting | LA hot bed of high school players | Never recruiting in Los Angeles | Up tempo style of play | His staff will have Southern California ties | USC being a football school | College Football | His wife loves College Football | His wife | Urban legends about he and his wife | Bringing his wife to Taco Bell | His wife giving up her career for their family | Business years away from basketball |

Apr 5th 2013

Andy on if ‘Dunk City’ will be in Los Angeles: “We’re not going to slow the ball down.”

Andy Enfield


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