Kennedy On Taylor Swift Walk-Up Song

A hitter’s walk-up song is usually a way to help them pump up when facing an opposing pitcher, but not always. Take Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Ian Kennedy. He told Jim Rome that he likes to have fun with his walkup songs and this year he got help from Team President Derrick Hall’s daughter, Kylie.
“I told her to pick a song for me,” said Kennedy. “She didn’t want to pick Taylor Swift because it was Taylor Swift, so I said, ‘No that’s exactly what I want. Let’s pick it.’”
And the result was Kennedy striding to the plate to the poppy beat of “I Knew You Were Trouble.”
So far, Miss Swift hasn’t brought much luck, as Kennedy went 0-3 with 2 strikeouts in his first game with the new track. But the team’s Opening Day starter admitted this isn’t the first season he’s had fun with it.
“Last year, I had a song like that (Taylor Swift) by One Direction as a joke,” Kennedy said.
There’s no shame in Kennedy’s game. He admits no matter what song, he uses it’s not going to put fear in the opposing teams’ counterpart for obvious reasons.
“Well, I’m a pitcher,” said Kennedy. “So it’s not going to really intimidate the other pitcher.”

Ian Kennedy


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